What is Unilevel MLM Plan ?

Binary MLM Plan is one of the most simple MLM Plan. It is also the most actively and widely used MLM Plan In this plan the profit margin totally depends on the downline being active. The best part of this MLM plan is it inspires the downlines and uplines to work harder and by doing so, creating further growth in the organization. In this, any new member is distributed to the downline irrespective of who recruits them.

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How Binary MLM Plan works

A binary MLM plan is a matrix of 2X2. This MLM plan comes with the condition of, you can recruit only 2 people below you for the first-level downline. Here your profit totally depends on how active your downline is. To get more income you need to keep them motivated and active so that you can get a regular flow of money.

  • Unlimited Depth
  • Fast Expansion
  • Volume Based Structure
  • Safe and Secure MLM System
  • Multiple MLM Business Plans
  • Easy Customization